Saturday, August 7, 2010

My first Blog post!

I have never posted to a blog before this is my first time. I have wrote a lot in book that I made my journals but I never kept up with it.

The only thing I can think about to blogging about is that my husband took a job three and a half hour away from us. I live in Lake City Florida and my husband now works in Tampa Florida. These living arrangements are driving me crazy. I stay at home with my kids all day and I am not use to not working. It is really hard for me to stay motivated. I feel I am getting lazier by the day. If anyone has any tips for me on how to get motivated that would be great. The first week he was gone and I did nothing I used the excuse that I was depressed. Now its the second week and I am lost. I think I need to start doing to do lists for everyday so I feel like I am getting things done. It does not help that it is 104 outside so yard work is out. The only thing I am doing is cleaning and school work. OK I think I have wined enough for my first blog.

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