Sunday, August 29, 2010

A day like any other!

Okay the first thing I want to talk about is my son. I have a two year old son named Jayden and he sleeps in my bed. I know I should start trying to change that but a huge part of me is not ready. We are undecided whether or not we are going to have another child but I think we wont. I love wacthing him sleep and I still worry that he have a nightmare and need me. I think that when we move down to Tampa that will be when I really start to make him sleep in his own bed. You know new house new rules.

Okay next topic I love world destruction movies. Is that weird or what? I only say that because SyFy is showing all of them this week end and I'm in haven. I have watched so many of these movies that if anything like this ever happens I will know what to do.

Here's something else that's being bugging me. I hate my neighbors. They can't control theirs kids. The boys were walking around my street with bats acting all tough. They started bothering my daughter and her friend and I had to tell them I was going to call the cops if they didn't leave my yard. Why do some kids have to be jerks. One of the three boys used to play with my daughter all the time and I thought he was a good kid. Then the other two moved in and now hes a jerk just like them. I can't wait to move. I just hope its better.

Well see you all next week!

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