Sunday, September 12, 2010

My child is a decade old!

Yes folks today is my daughter birthday! She is a decade old. The big double digits. My husband thinks it so funny that I keep saying that my daughter has reached a decade. It has gone by so fast. It feels like yesterday that she was a baby. Well I guess she still is my baby. She has all these boys wishing her happy birthday on facebook it worries me. She is a pretty girl and very open and forward. I think I'm going to lock her in her closet till she 35 yrs old.

Well I guess I'll talk about school now. I am going to try and finish most of my paper tonight so I can use the writing center for help. I have to do some more research but it should not take that long. Good thing I am a night owl. Well a storm is coming so I must be going. Talk again soon.

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  1. Wendy - I am right there with you on the closet plan!!